Norwegian Cohousing Project Is Designed Around ‘Gaining by Sharing’

Early community engagement in the planning and development phases sets this cohousing project apart.

Alternative housing models like cohousing are gaining popularity, and no wonder: the North American obsession with single-family housing is not only expensive and ecologically damaging, it’s also incredibly alienating. The way that our cities and suburbs are structured are not particularly amenable to building strong local communities; everyone has their own single-family house or isolated apartment and very little in terms of shared communal space or daily crossing of paths that might help foster these much-needed deeper social connections.

“Today’s residents might be modern families with ‘my, your and our kids’, a generation of elderly who are healthy and want to live at home longer, people who live alone and suffers from loneliness, or people who simply wish to live more sustainably. By sharing resources, whether it is time, space, or assets, the result is a more sustainable way of living: environmentally, but also socially, economically, and architecturally.”

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