Air Traffic Noise Pollution Petition to the House of Commons

Petition Initiated by Asher Shahzad from Kitchener, ON

• Air traffic from Waterloo airport operations flies over densely populated residential areas;
• Quality of life (noise pollution and public safety) is greatly affected by the high frequency of daytime and night flights of small private planes and flight schools, helicopters and heavy aircraft;
• The excessive noise that aircraft generate does serious damage to human health;
• Air pollution contributes to climate change; and
• There is some lack of cooperation on the part of the airport and the City of Kitchener

We, the undersigned, residents of Kitchener Ward 2 and Surrounding, call upon the Government of Canada to take the concrete steps necessary to ensure that: the airspace, flight paths, and aircraft arrivals and departures are limited above residential areas for all aircraft types; the Waterloo airport regulates all its operations to protect public health and safety (curfew, schedule, frequency, flight altitudes, noise mitigation measures); the airport authority is subject to comprehensive impact studies and public hearings on all changes that could affect the quality of life, health and safety of residents; an independent and accountable committee of agents of the cities concerned, non-partisan residents and invited experts is created to manage the nuisances caused by airport operations; and jurisdiction over the airport is returned to the City of Kitchener & waterloo county, and the latter takes control of the airport by appointing a majority of its board of directors.
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